Unique vendors use live demonstration to attract bikers

Published: Aug. 15, 2020 at 5:24 PM MDT
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When you come to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, you’ll see vendors selling food, beverages or items that are related to motorcycles, but there are some business owners that think outside the box.

One booth sets up a giant patio umbrella, and you might wonder see how it is related to the Rally.

“Patio umbrellas, motorcycles, a lot of bikers are outdoor people, so we had a lot of luck with these last year,” Rich, the vendor that sells patio accessories, explains.

Maybe patio accessory is not a typical product you expect to see at the Rally, but they are not the only one.

“Over here is a booth that is based on cosmetics made from botanic extracts,” Michael who manages booths for skin care and hair care products says. They want to cater to every customer’s needs, including beauty needs.

“We’re doing the hair over there, but this is more focused on the skin, for people who have wrinkles or they have redness, they have discoloration.”

Now that a bikers tough look is softened up by some skincare, there is a family business in a niche market that sells healing metal bracelets.

“People who have back, knee (ache), headaches, stress, people ride a lot so they really need this,” Oscar Rodriguez says, they come from Las Vegas, and he feels that the Rally is a completely different world, and to many of them, a good place for business.

"Vegas right now is a lot of places shutting down, it's kind of different than here right now, that's why I'm so surprised."

Although not every vendor feels that they see a high volume of traffic this year, but they are still glad to have an event to show their products.

And each of them find a way to relate to the bikers, until the last day of the Rally.

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