“Sturgis sign” becomes roadside attraction

Published: Aug. 16, 2020 at 5:11 PM MDT
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The sign of the city of Sturgis has become very popular with visitors, especially on the last day of the Rally week.

On Sunday, a line was formed next to a sign off of I-90 Exit 32 that says “Welcome to Sturgis,” and multiple groups were waiting to take a picture with the sign.

Motorcyclists from New York, Ohio, and even some from South Dakota joined the line.

Each group has their own reason for stopping by for the sign. For a motorcyclist from South Dakota, even though Sturgis is not an unfamiliar place, she said it’s her first year being a Rally rider. ”Been coming here 27 years, first year riding.”

Two families who didn’t participate the Rally at all, but were passing by on I-90 also decided to line up for a photo.

“Just to mean that we were here, so we just check, mark around our bucket list.”

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