Should you get a COVID-19 vaccine booster?

The CDC now recommends some people receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster.
Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 5:25 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Last week, the CDC approved COVID vaccine boosters for certain people.

“At this time essentially four groups of people that the CDC recommended that they could receive a booster dose of vaccine, and again this is only on Pfizer vaccine it does not include Moderna or Johnson and Johnson with these boosters,” said Scott Peterson, senior director of ambulatory and pharmacy operations at Monument Health.

According to the CDC’s website, booster shots are only available to the following people who already completed their initial Pfizer doses at least 6 months ago: people 65 years and older, adults over the age of 18 who have underlying medical conditions, or who work or live in high-risk settings.

“In our population, as the veterans are getting older, we have more of those high-risk patients, we have the immunocompromised, cancer, the COPD, asthma patients and those people will need the booster going forward,” said Mark Ptacek, M.D. associate chief of staff of primary care at VA Medical Center.

Although the vaccination numbers for veterans in the Black Hills are at 60% to 70% according to Ptacek, there is still push back on getting the initial dose.

Military members are required to take a number of vaccines in basic training, however, Ptacek says the veteran population is hesitant to follow through with the COVID immunization because of controversy and lack of education.

“With the veterans, we’re extremely concerned about providing that safety cushion and immunization is the absolute best way to go,” said Ptacek.

For people who are immunocompromised, there is also a booster shot of Moderna available.

“COVID is not done, we’re still moving into the next zone,” said Ptacek.

Vaccination clinics are open for anyone who hasn’t gotten their first shot or people who need the booster. Monument Health just reopened their mass-vaccination clinic in the mall and the VA has clinics at every medical center location.

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