Let the hunt begin! But please keep it safe

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 6:22 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Hunting season is in full swing. For hunters, bagging the trophy is the goal, but to make it a successful season, safety should be a top priority

Just this week, a Wisconsin 11-year-old was accidentally shot and killed while deer hunting.

Your success starts before you leave for the hunt.

According to State Farm, there are some safety practices everyone should follow such as: safely transporting your weapons, planning for the weather, and alerting someone of your plans. Once you’re off on your excursion, hunting safety has a lot to do with the gun.

“Hunting safety tips kind of referencing back to finding that proper firearm fit, knowing your target, anything in that aspect. Our gun counter experts here can get you sized and fitted right,” said Michel McCroden, senior group sale manager, Cabela’s

“Gun safety is very important, and I recommend people take a gun safety course or get some instruction from some people that have experience. You just can’t be too careful,” said Mark Blote, First Stop Gun and Coin.

For the young bucks out there who want to start hunting, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks offers a class on hunter education. The HuntSAFE class is a free classroom-style course that teaches fundamentals and skills of hunting.

For those who aren’t hunting this season, there are safety protocols you can follow if you are near a hunting area. To keep safe, you should wear reflective clothing so you don’t blend into the surroundings, make sure your pets are kept close, and make as much noise as possible so the hunter can know you’re in the area.