Celebrate national ‘Inspire Your Heart with Art Day’

The day encourages people to explore the many forms of art and let it inspire them.
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Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 5:22 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - When you think of art, many people think of dancing, a play, or a painting. But do you think of the health benefits of art? If not, Tuesday is the day to start.

Art gives people the ability to express themselves through different mediums such as painting, sculpting, dancing, or playing music.

Painter David Dorsey, who has been an artist for more than 40 years, says art is necessary for everyone to experience.

“I think we require art. I just love to see art and I think everybody if they will allow themselves can enjoy it and find enjoyment in art,” said Dorsey during the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo’s western art show and sale.

For another creator, art means excitement either by creating her own pottery or as an instructor, helping a student find their passion.

Bard Hallberg, who is another longtime artist says, “Each one is different and that keeps it really interesting and exciting. Sometimes it gets really exciting, I’ve set my hair on fire before, I’ve burned off my eyebrows and eyelashes when the fire shoots up. But it’s something I love to do; I never get tired of doing it.”

Art is all around us; it doesn’t have to be experienced in an art gallery but can be simply listening to your favorite song on the radio or making your favorite treat.

“You can be walking through a store and see an Ad or a painting, something that makes you stop and go I like that. Art is in the design of your cell phone cover, of that case of how the elements are put together. Art is the thing that made you go; I want that one,” added Leah Killian, marketing and communications manager for the Rapid City Arts Council.

Not only can art be inspirational, it can also have health benefits such as building fine motor skills or reducing stress and anxiety.

Bonnie Brahms whose love for landscapes, wildlife, and horses became the inspiration for her paintings, “And art takes you away from that, it takes you into like a different mindset where you can relax and you can enjoy what you’re doing, and just be yourself.”

National ‘Inspire Your Heart with Art day’ is celebrated annually on January 31st.